Canadian River Ice Research

Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment

National Research Council of Canada

The Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment (CRIPE) is a NRCC (National Research Council of Canada) funded group established in 1975 by the Associate Committee on Hydrology. The committee has expanded from originally focusing on river ice flow dynamics to adding seasonal regimes, environmental concerns, climate change and hydro-plant operation to it's list of objectives. CRIPE has outlined it's main purposes as the following:

  • To identify specific high-priority topics for research and development and promote the undertaking of relevant research programs;
  • To facilitate information dissemination and exchange of ideas among practitioners, researchers, and resource managers; and
  • To encourage the incorporation of pertinent lectures or courses in undergraduate and graduate studies at Canadian Colleges and Universities.
Visit the CRIPE Website for more information.

University of Alberta, River Ice Research Group

University of Alberta

The River Ice Research Group from the University of Alberta strives to continually undertake river ice research through fieldwork, laboratory studies and numerical modelling. Their River Ice Photo Blog displays various fieldwork and user-submitted photographs outlining river ice seasonal processes. The research group has outlined the following objectives for their research:

  • Advancing current knowledge in river ice processes and hydraulics through:
  • field studies and monitoring methods,
  • numerical modeling, and
  • experimental studies of river ice processes or characteristics
Visit the River Ice Research Group Website for more information.


Water & Climate Impacts Research Centre

University of Victoria


The Water & Climate Impacts Research Centre (W-CIRC) is a collaborative group between Environment Canada (National Water Research Institute) and the University of Victoria, whose research focuses on Canadian Arctic hydrology and ecology of aquatic systems.

Visit the W-CIRC Website for more information.

Canadian Rivers Institute

The Canadian Rivers Institute is a research group is a collaborative project involving researchers from the University of New Brunswick. This groups outlines their research priorities as follows:

  • Developing and promoting meaningful indicators and thresholds of change for river ecosystems;
  • Understanding sustainable links between water flow and biological processes in rivers;
  • Advancing monitoring and management practices related to how human activities affect river ecosystems.
Icicles growing downwards
Visit the Canadian Rivers Institute Website for more information.
Last updated on 06/11/2017