Wollaston Lake; Reindeer Lake


I am planning to fish Wollaston Lake and/or Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan in mid-June. The long winter and cools spring suggests that there may still be ice on those lakes late into June. Is there any way to forecast when ice may be out?

Hi Bert, and thank you for your question!
From the interactive lake ice tool on our site (https://ccin.ca/home/ccw/lakeice/current/monitoring), it looks like the ice usually melts on Reindeer and Wollaston Lakes in May, except for 2011 when it seemed to hang around until June. On an average year, it looks like you should be OK for fishing these lakes in mid-June, but this year was unusual, as you indicate. Our SWE maps (https://ccin.ca/home/ccw/snow/current/swe) show that the snow cover in northeast SK may have been above normal in early May, with snow lingering even through mid-May, but the maps do not continue beyond 15 May so I am unsure what happened after that. Once you return from your trip, can you let us know what ice conditions you found during your travels? Please respond here or e-mail us at pdc@uwaterloo.ca. Thanks, and happy summer!

Julie, CCIN Manager

Last updated on 17/01/2018