Cryospheric Career


I'm conducting a research project for school and one of my questions asked about if this career field is on the rise in the next coming years and asked about the salary. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

Response from Ross Brown:
Not if the jobs are tied to the area of snow and ice on the planet! Seriously, snow and ice are specialty study areas where specialized skills are usually acquired on top of basic science or technical training. There are not many places where cryospheric knowledge and training are essential job requirements. Some examples would be snow and ice analysts at meteorological centres, and researchers in University and government.
For the salary, it is difficult to respond as there is no such thing as a clearly-defined “cryospheric career." People who choose a career in science/research tend to do so without overly high salary expectations, e.g., an experienced researcher with a Ph.D. (6+ years university training) is probably looking at a salary of $50-75K in a research establishment.

Last updated on 17/01/2018