CCIN Interoperable Web Services

1. Metadata API

The PDC Metadata Application Programming Interface (API) is an online resource that provides access to PDC metadata records. This service is implemented as a collection of URL endpoints that can be invoked using HTTP, in order to receive a response. In general, this service is analogous to a query system where API requests (i.e. queries) are made and corresponding responses (i.e. results) are returned. In particular, any given response is a representation of zero or more structured metadata records. Currently, this API provides both XML and JSON responses. The XML is compliant with ISO 19115 standards and the contents are equivalent to the XML that can be extracted from the Geospatial Search Tool.

2. GeoServer

CCIN utilizes GeoServer for interoperability purposes, to dynamically share geospatial data. All spatial data are shared using open standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The WMS and WFS links below are used for Map Services and are not viewable in a web browser. a. Selected geospatial datasets from the Polar Data Catalogue are converted into shapefiles (from their original formats) and made available via WFS in GeoServer: WFS link (this can be opened in GIS software to see the layers that are available):

KML, GML, and Metadata* (*visible in browser) links for a sample dataset:

The PDC Metadata collection is also being made available via WMS:
WMS link:

KML and GML links:

Sample of external use of the PDC Metadata WMS (Arctic Data Integration Portal, Alaska Ocean Observing System):

3. GeoNetwork

As a pilot project, GeoNetwork is being configured to serve the PDC Metadata collection as a Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW), to provide additional flexibility and options for metadata interoperability. Warning: This service is not official yet, and the metadata files are not up-to-date. GeoNetwork test link:


Last updated on 24/08/2023